Friday, 12 July 2013

Mad Spring Hat

I decided to make myself a springtime hat (even though we are in the midst of summer). 

It was inspired by a hat I saw in my book 'Forties Fashion: From Siren Suit to the New Look', which by the way I highly recommed you perchasing if you are a lover of authenic 1940s fashion. 

These two hats are quite similar to the hat I was inspired by

And here is mine. Not amazing enough for Ascott but it will do me fine. I might add some netting which I think will make it look prettier.

Thanks for reading!
Love Ellie x

1 comment:

  1. gorgeous!

    You can find some amazing millinery trims on etsy - including wings (and even whole taxidermy birds!). One of my goals is to make a hat like the second one with wings on it. Half way through my first year of millinery and hopefully I will be able to make one soon!